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My preferred information would have to be A Voice http://www.grabmypaper.com/ In the Breeze. It is the first information in a series of three: The Mark of the Lion series. It is Christian experiences which I normally don't get into, however my sister swore it was amazing and I decided to provide it a chance.

It occurs about many years after Jesus was crucified and follows a younger Jewish lady named Hadassah who, after the Romans invade her town and slaughter the villagers, is taken to Rome to become a slave and cannot disclaim that she is really Christian because she will be fed to the lions.

It also follows Marcus, the older brother to Julia whom Hadassah becomes servant to. Also Atretes, a German warrior who has been taken from his house to become a Gladiator. It is a riveting and truly life-changing tale, I would suggest it to anyone who has ever questioned their own faith, or anyone who enjoys a excellent research.

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